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This is where you can find out more information about any of the products that we are selling.

Paper types


Silk coated paper is similar to gloss, it’s a coated paper with a satin finish and a slight sheen. This material feels softer and smoother than a gloss coated paper.


Unlike silk or gloss coated material, this paper does not have a coating, which gives it a soft feel. The uncoated stock allows inks to sinks into the paper, giving the colour a more neutral appearance. Uncoated paper and board are predominantly used on stationery items such as Letterheads, Compliments Slips and Business Cards.

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Paper weights.

What is gsm?

Paper weights are referred to as ‘gsm’ which is an acronym for ‘grams per square meter’. The higher the gsm number, the heavier the paper.

130-170 gsm

The majority of our products are produced on this weight material, and is used for internal pages of brochures, leaflets and folded leaflets.


Paper in this weight range is known as board weights. These are thick and haves a premium feel. We use this type of material for Covers, Flyers and Business Cards.

Materials in this weight range can also be laminated.

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Paper sizes

All of our products are standard A sizes and cover all the most common and popular sizes.

Let us know if your project requires a size that is different to our standard A sizes. Contact us and we can provide you with a quote for a custom size.

Not sure which paper size to choose for your project? See our table below.

Paper A sizes

Folding styles

There are multiple ways of folding leaflets. Below are  a few of the most common styles. We offer Half Fold and Tri Fold (also known as roll fold or Z fold) in our shop. If you require any of the other styles please contact us here.

Folding guide