Litho Print

Offest Litho is a method of printing on an industrial scale and is ideal for longer print runs. Once the quantity of printed sheets reaches a certain number (typically 10,000) Litho becomes the method of choice as it is the most economic and environmentally friendly option.

Kolorco operates a number of Litho machines up to B2 in size. Unlike digital printing, printing plates are required and these are produced in house using sophisticated CTP equipment which exposes an image for each colour onto an aluminium sheet.

Skilled printers then load these plates onto large cylinders within the printing press. For full colour work, a minimum of four plates are required: CYAN (blue) MAGENTA (red) YELLOW and the Key colour BLACK (CMYK). These four plates are imaged such that, when used in combination, a full colour image is transferred to the paper.

Additionally, varnishes, pre-mixed speciality colours, metallics, fluorescents and Pantones® can be applied using further plates. Digital machines cannot do this.

Kolorco is FSC registered and has ISO14001 and therefore only uses paper from sustainable sources and recycles all its used plates, paper waste and chemicals.

If you have a requirement for a large print run or you need a Pantone®  colour for your corporate literature then Kolorco is your ideal partner.

Digital Printing

Landscape A4 Booklets
Perfect for smaller runs, digital print offers flexibility and speed without sacrificing quality.

Large Format

Make a big impact with eye-catching banners, posters, and displays.