Kolorco Environmental

We are all conscious of recent changes in Government policy which has called for everyone to become more aware of, and responsible for reducing environmental impact.

Kolorco pro-actively embraces these changes and is proud of the work we do to minimize our carbon footprint and implement initiatives so our clients can do similar.

We employ ‘green’ principles throughout our litho print production process.


Kolorco is a Forest Stewardship Council® chain of custody certified  printing company (FSC® C007915).
Our stock woodfree coated papers are elemental chlorine free (ECF) from responsible sources with FSC® certification. FSC provide an international chain of custody standard covering a balance of environmental, social and economic aspects ensuring the wellbeing of forest communities and ecosystems.
In addition, we offer a range of high grade recycled papers made with 50 or 100% genuine de-inked post consumer waste.


We use only ‘earth friendly’ Bio inks and varnishes formulated with high levels of naturally renewable resources. Commonly termed ‘vegetable inks,’ are supplied by Europe’s largest manufacturer and have far less impact on non-renewable resources.
Litho sealer offers a protective layer over the ink application. Our sealer is of an inert water miscible type which is much more eco friendly than solvent based sealers.


Our process-less Ctp violet laser diode plate setters are chemistry free, and aligned with our range of photopolymer offset plates eliminate the use of developer, therefore, disposing of exhausted developer is no longer required.
Our printing process optimizes reduced alcohol levels to minimize waste chemistry.
Minimizing use of IPA alcohol helps to create a cleaner working environment.


Our recycling strategy extends to all process material. Paper, chemical waste, plates, ink receptacles etc are responsibly recycled and / or disposed of by licensed and certified bodies.


Kolorco employs a policy of continually reducing waste in all its operations. Continued investment in the latest technologies contributes toward providing the most energy efficient and environmentally sound production methods.
We actively encourage staff members to engage in reducing energy consumption and in promoting recycling initiatives throughout our operational procedure.

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