Digital Print

When super sharp images, fast turn around and cost-effectiveness are what you need – HP Indigo, high quality digital is the answer!

Digital print is the short run alternative to lithographic printing. However, not all digital printing technologies are equal! At Kolorco we only employ Indigo technology because, as dyed in the wool printers, our standards are very high.

Unlike smaller, dry toner systems used by many printers we favour the liquid inks and “big press” rolling power of the HP system. Solids are more solid, colours are more vivid and output can be overprinted by the customer’s own office equipment making the production of stationery  the exclusive preserve of this advanced technology.

Indigo equipment is a major financial investment but to time served printers like us, it’s worth it. Call us for a sample and compare it to the “copy shop” alternatives and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Kolorco's HP indigo


  • Turnaround times are much faster than those using traditional printing.
  • Smaller print runs and print on demand projects are now cost effective.
  • Many different materials can be used for printing: including paper, board, plastics and metallics.
  • Print runs from as few as one printed sheet are now possible!