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NHS Active Guidelines


We were asked by one of  our customers to produce a GP’s desktop information guide.

Customer Requirements

A sturdy, self standing wallet containing 5 die cut inserts.

The wallet and the inserts were to printed on  400gsm card to give a sturdy professional feel. The cards would need to be able to withstand being wiped clean.


Prior to production we offered our client the opportunity to see a printed mockup. This was produced on our HP Indigo press using the same materials that were specified for the finished item. We then hand cut each item to shape and and hand assembled them to specification.


We printed the wallets and inserts on our 5 colour B2 Lithographic press.


The wallet was laminated throughout to protect the product and give it longevity.

Die cutting forms were made to fit our Heidelberg Cylinder die cutting machine. Each piece was then cut to shape and collated. The wallets were folded along pre-applied creases and fastened together with industrial double sided tape. Once the wallets were made up each one had a suitably sized strut card applied to the reverse. The individually die cut inserts were then placed into the wallets and packed up into pre-addressed boxes for distribution.

Do you have something ‘out of the ordinary’ to produce?

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