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5 Myths about colour print

Well, yes. large format printing once used to cost about £1 per print, and take at least 5 minutes for a single A1 drawing. Chances are, if you have an old inkjet printer this will be your current situation.

The cost per print?  Approximately 15p per A1 in colour (INCLUDING PAPER)

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1. Print will look the same and be of the same quality no matter who I buy it from – not true. There are a number of colour print processes and machines that produce different types of products and of varying quality levels. A litho press may be most suited to producing medium length run booklets whereas a digital press will be more suited to short run leaflets – check the process and quality before you buy.

2. Material doesn’t matter – wrong! There are various weights, shades, finishes and qualities of substrate, ensure you choose the one which is most suited to your job

3. I can buy it cheaper elsewhere – see points above

4. I can print letterheads, leaflets and business cards on my printer at home – you may be able to but what will they look like? Will they portray the correct image for your business? Don’t devalue your brand by sending out cheap looking colour print.

5. I’ve designed my booklet in MS Word, it should be OK for print – printing companies need artwork setting
up in certain formats, see our guide to setting up artwork for print for more information

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