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10 tips to help you buy print online

Buying your print online has never been easier, we have catered for all your needs. You can get an instant price online and upload your artwork through our website. We will take care of the rest. Until then, take a look at our top 10 tips to help you buy print online.

1. Don’t be afraid – buying print online is much like buying anything else, the only exception being that you will need to upload your artwork afterwards

2. Choose the correct product – when dealing with printing companies by traditional means there is normally a print specialist to help so when buying online check then double check the specification of your chosen product

3. Don’t hesitate in picking up the phone if you get stuck (see tip 2)

4. Remember – the company you’re buying from is run by human beings

5. Do your research – who is this company I’m just about to spend hundreds of pounds with? How long have they been established? Where are they based?

6. Read the help pages – there are normally tips or help pages which can answer most questions should you get stuck. Once you have read them and placed your first order all subsequent orders should be much easier.

7. Make sure your artwork is setup correctly and the online print companies guidelines have been followed – you don’t want to be incurring extra costs because your artwork wasn’t correct

8. Pay attention to minor detail – if you’re not used to ordering print then 130gsm paper is 130gsm paper but it’s not, a job printed on 130gsm gloss coated will look different to a job printed on 130gsm uncoated or 130gsm silk

9. Enter your details carefully – delivery addresses etc… need to be inputted correctly at the time of your order

10. Buy from!